Part 5 – Project 3 – Locating titles

This exercise looks at the role of the title and how it can change the impact, message or feel of the artwork by just changing the title. I have selected 3 works for this exercise.

Part 5 – Holloway Cell Graffiti – Mirror Mirror

This project for me was purposefully supposed to be a bit provocative. I opted for a very descriptive title as this is how I refer to the collection in my head!

This project is very open to alternative title options:

Who looked in this mirror before you? – Designed to make the viewer think about the women who were incarcerated at HMP Holloway.

It could be you! – This title would prompt the viewer to think about the fact that anyone can end up in prison, and if it were you, what would you think of the system.

HMP Holloway 1852-2016 – This is a legacy title that immediately conveys the date an place commerated by the artwork.

Reflections – This is a play on the reflective qualities of the mirror and the concept of thoughtful reflections about the role of prisons in our society.

Part 4 – Project 4 – Painting without paint – Emerging Bark

This title is descriptively boring! Inspired by tree bark of different species and the way different species interact with each other, this piece is open to being re-titled. These are some ideas that come to mind:

Trapped – This title puts a personality or implication that the bark is a living entity.

FGM – This title is reflective of the banned practice of Female Genital Mutilation, and would provoke discussion around the subject.

Alien invasion – A title to provoke a discussion about other life forms; What if the alien invader was in the form of a tree that a consumed plant life from the inside?

E4 – Project 4 – Painting without paint – Birch Flower

I chose Birch Flower as the title for this piece as the piece reminded of a strange sort of bark flower that was emerging out of Birchbark. The piece reminded of a strange sort of bark flower that was emerging out of Birchbark.

Real Birch flowers do have some resemblance, but these flowers were not actually the inspiration for the piece, despite the title implying so!

Alternative titles could be:

Yellow Birch Flower

Breathing – The images together with the flower parts open and closed give the impression of life that the flower is breathing.

would imply that this is a rare sample, which in a way it is as it is a unique piece of artwork that could be some sort of sample. This title might evoke a reminiscence of Otzi the iceman!

Artist Impression – Otzi Iceman
Otzi Iceman

Eat Me – This would be a playful title as the image is not exactly appetizing! It may provoke climate change discussions.

2068 – Eat Me! This would concentrate the thinking into the future around that availability of food in the future!


Otzi Iceman

Birch Flower

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